Is bad data blocking your releases? We can help.

Use Viva Data to intelligently and quickly manage, control, and analyze all of your company's music metadata.

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Did your data get kicked back to you to fix?

When datasets with errors are submitted to music services they usually kick the dataset back to the client to fix. As a result, release dates get held back and everyone loses money. Don't let bad data block your company's releases, manage it instead.

What if you could automatically analyze all of the issues?
Now you can.

Gone are the days when poorly formatted data gets kicked back and releases don’t make it out on time. Now you can automatically manage all of your company's metadata issues to successfully meet deadlines and deliver work on time.

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Speed up the work without sacrificing quality.

Successfully managing metadata issues at scale takes time. Data curators are stuck spot-checking datasets by eye. Speeding up the work usually causes errors to slip through. Accuracy at scale just isn’t humanly possible.

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Release on time, from now on.

Metadata errors won’t stop your releases any longer. Instead of wasting hours of your employees valuable time hunting for errors, now you can automate the discovery of all of those hard-to-find and out-of-compliance issues.

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Accurate data means everyone wins.

Proper retail-facing data is required to ensure accurate accreditation to the performer. Proper back-office data is required to ensure that all of the appropriate parties get paid for their work.

Record Labels

Accurately prepared metadata takes training, and even then it’s easy to make mistakes. We can reduce training time for your employees, which helps prevent mistakes and speeds up the process.

Digital Distributors

Keeping up on the volume of incoming data is mission critical. You don’t want to fall behind, miss problems, and have your releases kicked back by digital service providers.

Artists & Music Services

If you publish something on time but it’s never found by a listener because of poor metadata then you’ve failed. Clean metadata is important for discovery. We follow industry-standard best practices and guidelines to ensure your artists succeed in today’s digital marketplace.

People love us and so will you.

"Anyone that can automate this cleanup is a godsend, and it's ok to rely on that message, everyone who has ever had this problem will agree with me.”

Pepe Verde

Sr. Content & Label Relations Manager, Music Curator, worked for Soundcloud, Pulselocker, Beatport, IDC

"Your work to improve creator data integrity and accuracy upstream has a multiplying effect at all music services, and helps artists to get discovered. That’s what it’s all about, connecting artists to listeners!"

Tony Brooke

Music Data integrity and standardization expert