We can help you find and fix music metadata errors.

Use Viva Data software and services to intelligently and quickly manage, control, and analyze all of your company's music metadata. The basic app is free of charge.

If you run a music business, data quality translates straight into revenues.

For music businesses that need to generate quality metadata, we provide an app to validate content, as well as data curation and custom engineering related to content operations. Our app comes with support for parts of the iTunes Style Guide, and can be extended to cover any rule set.

We are building automation products for music data curation. We have deep skills and established reputations, and our app is the concrete proof of our ability.

Pricing Philosophy

Our desktop app is free of charge. Everything else: talk to us.

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Speed up the work without sacrificing quality.

Successfully managing metadata issues at scale takes time. Data curators are stuck spot-checking datasets by eye. Speeding up the work usually causes errors to slip through. Accuracy at scale just isn’t humanly possible.

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Mere Mortals. Do not be scared!

Viva Data builds automation tools for the digital supply chain to help humans! Not to replace them. We help humans work faster, and more efficiently.

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Our App can be customized to your specific needs:

Complete Coverage

Our free app currently covers sections 1-8 and 10-12 of the iTunes™ Music Metadata Style Guide, by Apple™.


Curators need to correct problems they surface from our validator.


Developers need control surfaces to integrate our validation platform.


Port our stack to the cloud for access globally.

Experts love us and so will you.

"Anyone that can automate this cleanup is a godsend, and it's ok to rely on that message, everyone who has ever had this problem will agree with me.”

Pepe Verde

Sr. Content & Label Relations Manager, Music Curator, worked for Soundcloud, Pulselocker, Beatport, IDC

"Your work to improve creator data integrity and accuracy upstream has a multiplying effect at all music services, and helps artists to get discovered. That’s what it’s all about, connecting artists to listeners!"

Tony Brooke

Music Data integrity and standardization expert